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Art has always been a part of 27-year-old Justin Kinney’s life. What started as a young boy’s infatuation with his father’s hobby quickly turned into a passion of his own. Kinney’s early art consisted of mainly graffiti pieces inspired by the artistry he would come across while visiting family in the Bronx. It wasn’t long before his competitive nature drove him to perfect his lines and correct his shading. He buried himself inside a sketchbook and enrolled in art classes, where he pushed his determination to master his skill. It was then that Kinney was able to dabble in the art of painting. As he soon discovered, Justin was a natural.

During his senior year of high school, Kinney had the honor of working on a banner for his hometown’s 150th anniversary where he later won the Senior Art Award. Justin has done commissioned paintings and drawings, murals, built signs, held henna events, and much more. He is eager to tackle all aspects of being an artist.


Kinney hosts his own ‘Paint Nights’ where guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy a night of fun with Justin, family, friends. He guides individuals of all skill sets through the therapeutic process of painting. He truly believes everyone’s got an inner artist within. “You can’t expect to get past stick figures without trying, I believe I can make an artist out of anyone,” says Kinney who strives to offer the direction and boost in confidence that keeps everyone coming back.